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Suffixe locker range is the best solution for changing rooms exposed to wet conditions like swimming pools and other aquatic centers. They are corrosion-proof, and resist to cleaning products and chlorinated or saline environments.



Very robust, they insure user's belongings safety. Key locks, coin locks or computerized locks, our lockers can meet all local autohorities needs and budgets.



Available configurations 




2 lockers per column

Ref. : 112.12

3 lockers per column

Ref. : 112.13

2 lockers per column

3 lockers per column


4 lockers per column

Ref.: 112.14


4 lockers per column



Parts Pictures Features

Laminate frame and doors

Frame and doors made of 10mm solid grade laminate. Back made of 4 mm solid grade laminate with vent holes. Panels are suitable for wet environments. Fire classification compliance.

Mounting time picto temps

Easy and quick to install. Fitting and screwing of solid grade laminate panels (plates, shelves and upper parts).Pre-assembly at factory is optional.


picto montage

1 up to 4 columns per unit.


picto charnière

Stainless steel hinges, fixed on the right side of the doors (standard).

Screws visserie en inox

Stainless steel screws, concealed from the front.

Rails and adjustable feet

Pied verin en nylon arme de ibre de verre

Lockers installed on rectangular 50 x 30 mm aluminium rails. Adjustable feet made of reinforced glass fibre Nylon. Alternatively a concrete plinth can be provided by the builder.


picto numérotation

Optional numbering on each door.



Colour chart

Colour chart
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