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AccueilCubicles13 mm Corail Cubicle

13 mm Corail Cubicle

References : Stratifié massif 13 mm

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Finish Suitable for wet conditions
pictogramme d'un goûte d'eau
Concealed fixings on front

pictogramme visseries

Easy maintenance
pictogramme entretien facile
Etremly robust
pictogramme solidité Option : overlapping doors
pictogramme feuillure

Made of 13 mm Solid Grade Laminate (SGL), Suffixe Corail cubcile is a high range cubicle.

Its finish quality and overlapping doors (option) lead to a perfectly flat front.



 See specifications and overiew of a standard cubicle







Corail cubicle overview





Corail cubicle specifications :


Parts Illustrations Features
Doors, pilasters and side partitions pictogramme de la porte stratifie Doors, side partitions and pilasters : 13 mm solid grade laminate panels for Corail cubicles.
Doors and pilaster pictogramme de la porte et du meneaux de façade pour la cabine stratifie

Doors are covering pilasters once installed. Rounded edges. Option : overlapping doors, no additional costs (Corail cubicles only)

Side partition Refends autoportant une seule pièce. Freestanding side partitions using one panel. Maximum depth : 2,05 m for standard cubicles and 1.85 m for comfort cubicles. Chamfered edges.
Head rail Aluminium enrobe de resine polyester cuite au four Grey head rail, 50 mm x 30 mm, placed along pilasters and side partitions.
Hardware fittings etrier en inox laque gris Hardware fi ttings (3 U brackets and 4 angled brackets) grey lacquered stainless steel.
Adjustable foot Pied verin en nylon arme de ibre de verre

Adjustable foot from 100 to 140 mm.

Screws visserie en inox Stainless steel screws (antitamper head). Invisible on front.
Pivot indicator bolt verrou pivotant Pivot indicator bolt. Emergency release. Other locks available as an option.
Doorknob bouton de porte  2 door knobs, fixed back to back on each door. Screwed internaly : invisible stainless steel screw. Clipped screw cover.
Hinges Paumelle en nylon arme de fibre de verre, axe en laiton 3 Hinges per door on Corail cubicles. With or without spring back system.


Colour chart

Colour chart
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Descriptif technique (CCTP) Descriptif technique (CCTP)
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