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AccueilCubicles10 or 13 mm DDA disabled cubicles

10 or 13 mm DDA disabled cubicles

References : Stratifié massif 10ou 13 MM

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Easy maintenance
pictogramme entretien facile Extremely robust
pictogramme d'un marteau
Suitable for wet conditions
pictogramme d'un goûte d'eau Concealed fixings on front
pictogramme visseries





Suffixe can provide cubicles for disabled person standards.

They are exclusively designed to meet the standard needs as much as possible.

Drawings belows show the space required for a disabled person to enter, move around and exit a cubicle the right way (French standads only, check your country standards).








         Toilet cubicle                                         Shower cubicle 





> For front access, a minimum of 800 x 1300 mm rectangular manoeuvring space within the cubicle is required.

> A minimum of 1500 mm diameter manoeuvring space within the cubicle is required

cabine salle de bains PMR

Cabine WC PMR





400 mm standard                                                                                    

  Grabrail location


> 400 mm is required between the side wall and the end of the lock system                                     

Norme des 400 m Grabrail location


         DDA shower button  











  /// DDA toilet and shower cubicle parts needed




                 Outside opening                                  Derling latch lock 

> Door can be removed in case of danger

> Makes the handling easier for users.

> Easier to comply with the 400 mm standard.


ouverture extérieur




Visual effect


> Visual effect between the  panel colour and of the lock for better recognition.


contraste visuel cabine PMR idéal

cabine salle de bains PMR


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